I awoke this morning on the couch in the common room again.

I had to switch rooms yesterday because my bed wasn’t available in my original room so I was moved to the room next door.  No problem for me as I’d get away from that damn snorer in my room.

Sadly, he was also moved into my new room and, sure enough, I ended up sleeping on the couch again.

Anyway, this morning I traveled for 5 hours by train from Krakow to Gdansk.

When I originally was planning out this trip I put this time in Gdansk as my buffer between the crazy travel schedule and easing back into “normal” life.

There isn’t really anything that special in Gdansk – just another old town with some churches and a castle nearby.

But that was the point of this stop.

I’m literally gonna relax for a few days before going home.

I have four days left – two here in Gdansk and two in Stockholm and I plan on taking it easy each and every one of them.

Of course, all this relaxation and doing nothing doesn’t really fill up a journal page but I’m sure I’ll think of some stuff to throw in here the next few days.

For today though, it really was a day of nothing.

I arrived in Gdansk around 2pm and just kinda vegged out.

The weather was actually warmer than the last few days and even though the sky was still grey at least it wasn’t raining out.

In relative terms, it was actually a pretty nice day out.

There were two Swedish girls in my room when I checked in and, well, hey, enough said there…

Swedish girls!

Later on in the night 5 guys from Italy checked in to kind of ruin that but hey… Swedish girls!

So, yeah, not much of a blog today especially considering how deep and heavy yesterday’s blog was.

Tomorrow I haven’t quite decided what to do yet.  I may head out of town and visit the Malbork Castle or I may just stay in town and do a walking tour of the old town.

I’ll sleep on it and figure it out tomorrow morning…

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