So, I finally bought my plane ticket today.

On September 14th I fly to Oslo and 35 days later I fly back home out of Stockholm.

I’m only spending one night in each of those cities as they’re really not part of my trip.   They are, however, great entry and exit points out of Europe.

So, if you’re looking to fly to Europe – always look at flying in to a nordic country.   From there it’s just a cheap flight on one the discount airlines (Ryanair, Wizz, Easyjet) to your starting destination.

Same goes for when you’re returning.

For me, this round trip flight cost me $905.   But if I had flown into and out of my first and last stops the ticket would have been a whopping $380 more.

By the way, when I say cheap flight on a discount airline – I mean cheap.   My entry flight from Oslo to Tallinn, Estonia is only $48 while my exit flight from Gdansk, Poland to Stockholm is even cheaper at $26!

My trip starts in 90 days and that’s “usually” a good time to buy your ticket from a price standpoint.

Of course I had to put that in quotes because, well, I woulda saved almost $200 if I had just bought the ticket last month when I was first planning this trip.

Yup, this same flight was only $717 a month ago…

So, yes, 90 days before your departure is an excellent time to buy your ticket UNLESS you see a cheaper than normal airfare – then snatch that sucker up right away!

In case you’re wondering – flying in and out of Europe is usually in the $1000-$1200 range.

So, even though I missed out on a great airfare, at least I still paid less than normal.

90 days to go…

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