In January I decided I needed to go travelling again.   I didn’t know where and I didn’t know when – I just knew I had to go.

Since I work in a restaurant, the summer is when we’re the busiest so I was either going to go right before or right after it in either April or September.

I ended up going with September just because I had just started a new job and thought it would probably be bad if I just picked up and left for a month after only working there for a little while.

As for the trip, I had it narrowed down to either South America or Europe.

The fact that I’m only travelling for a month this time took South America off the list.   Don’t get me wrong, I totally want to go there – I just want to do it right.   I want to see and experience everything and that just can’t be done in only a month.

So, South America will just have to wait…

SouthTrip2016 has a interesting ring to it… hmmm…

Anyway, where was I…

Ah yes, the trip.

During my Euro Trip two years ago I visited the southern countries leaving the northern and eastern countries for another time.

As much as I want to visit London and Paris, my bank account is leading me to the east where everything is much, much cheaper.

Over the course of the last couple of months the countries have changed.   Poland was in, then it was out, then back in and then, well, back out.   The Scandinavian countries only came into play because they were cheap hubs to fly in and out of.   I pulled my hair out over Belarus and finally decided to just take it off the list.

And there were other changes too but you get the idea…

I knew one thing for sure though – I was going to the Baltics which are Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.   I was also going to go to Finland cause it’s just a short ferry ride from Estonia.

Why the Baltics?   Well, my friend Chau, who I met and last saw in Nice two years ago, was going to be travelling there around the same time as me and all I had to do was tweak my dates to coincide with hers.

The plot thickens…

So, as she is on the tail end of her trip I will be at the beginning of mine and in between we’ll spend 10 days travelling together from Finland down to Lithuania.

In the end, my final trip itinerary looks like this:

  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
Only 128 days to go…
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