No, seriously – don’t read this blog entry.

I did absolutely nothing today!

Don’t worry…. I’m still in a good place.   I just didn’t want to do anything today.

I moved from my fan cooled dorm this morning over to a nice private room with air conditioning.

After having breakfast here in the hostel courtyard, I changed rooms around 11am.

I didn’t come out of the room until 4pm.

It was nice to just be by myself and not have to deal with the sweltering heat.

If there was pad thai delivery (awesome idea by the way, someone should totally¬†get on that) I wouldn’t have actually left the room at all today.

I spent the day relaxing and doing nothing.

It was awesome.

Tomorrow is a big day as I fly back to Bangkok in the early afternoon   and then, of course, the following day is an even bigger day as I fly back and forth to Phuket.

So, yes, today’s blog is kind of bland.

Don’t fret though – things are going to get very¬†exciting soon…

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