Once again it was time to leave Chiang Mai.

After camping out in my beautiful air conditioned private room last night, I emerged all packed and ready to go at 11am.

I said goodbye to the awesome staff at Aoi Garden Home and hopped in a tuk tuk destined for the airport.

My time here this week was exactly what I envisioned.   Just alot of time to myself to think about things and just unwind.   It was a week where I made a profound and crazy decision that will come to fruition tomorrow.

I arrived back in Bangkok at 2pm.   Coming back to a city is always great because you have a good feel for it already.   You know the transit system, the roads, and how to get from point A to point B.

I chose a different hostel this time as I wanted to be closer to the action.   And closer to the action is exactly what I got.

I’m staying just off of Nana station, which for those of you that don’t know, is basically the start of a stretch of bars and massage parlors filled with ladyboys and hookers.

This should be an interesting 5 days…

To get to the hostel I had to walk down one of the action streets for about 15 minutes.   Thankfully the hostel is actually off of the main street and tucked away in a nice little quiet corner.

I arrived at the hostel dripping in sweat as walking with a huge backpack on in the sweltering heat is a sure way to sweat through your shirt.

A quick checkin and shower later and I headed back out to explore a little.

I had two of my favorite things here in Thailand – pad thai and massage.

Both were amazing and there’s a pretty good chance those 2 things are on my list of things to do the rest of my days here in Bangkok.

I turned in for the night relatively early as I have an very early start ahead of a long day tomorrow.

In fact, that adventure starts in just a few hours and I can hardly sleep.   Tomorrow is going to be a day I never forget.   I’ll admit writing the last couple of blogs has been a task as I really haven’t done anything.Tomorrow’s blog, however, will be epic…

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