After one of the longest days I’ve had on this trip I was abruptly woken up at 3am after only a few hours sleep.

No, no snorers around as I still had my own little private paradise of a room.

No, this was much worse.

I woke up with a stomach pain like I hadn’t felt in a very long time.

Apparently those mussels I had for dinner last night were having a little battle in my belly.

I thought for sure I was going to throw up and prepared myself for the inevitable.

Having that feeling at three in the morning is not a great way to wake up.   I went for a little walk to get some fresh air and when that didn’t help I just popped in the shower.

To my shock and awe, the pain went away and what I thought was inevitable never happened.

Of course, it did still totally ruin my sleep and I ended up just staying up.

Even though today was my last day in Paris, I decided to take it easy as yesterday was long and I was pretty tired.

My only plan for the day was a trip out to Versailles.

Getting there by metro was super easy (45 minutes on REF C line) and cheap (7.70 euros return trip) so don’t even consider doing a paid tour to get out there.

Once I got to Versailles I wasn’t prepared for how overrun the place was with tourists.


One of my greatest dislikes is being surrounded by tourists.   It actually stresses me out and I become claustrophobic.

Being at the Palace of Versailles brought back unpleasant memories of when I visited Alhambra in Granada.

Back then I just went in and almost straight out as I just couldn’t handle it.

This time around wasn’t too much different as I only went quickly through one of the wings of the palace before heading out.

I didn’t stay to see the gardens.

In fact, I was in and out of there in an hour which is really not that long when you consider how big and majestic the Palace of Versailles is.

Again, along with the Louvre, I think I just put myself in a spot where I wasn’t prepared to embrace the experience.

But that’s okay.   I’m not going to love everything and my travels have always been a series of ups and downs.

I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon back at the hostel putting the finishing touches of my five weeks in the UK which start tomorrow.

Was it a spectacular end to my time in Paris?  

No, but over the last week I’ve had some amazing experiences here and had a smile on my face most of the time.

So, yay Paris!

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