I woke up today to another nice sunny day.

A glorious end to USSR Trip 2015 as I fly home tomorrow.

I had two things on my list to do today.

Now, for those that know me, you know there was no way I wasn’t coming to Sweden without visiting Ikea.

Yup, today I went to Ikea.


The store here is actually the biggest in the world and they even have a free hourly shuttle bus to take people out there and back.

So, at 11am I hopped on board their free shuttle bus and took the 20 minute trip out to the store.


Now, naturally the store was exactly the same as any other Ikea I’ve been in with the obvious exception of no English anywhere.

But I didn’t care – I was in Ikea in Sweden dammit!

It’s also home to the cheapest Swedish food in town so I finally got to sink my teeth into some Swedish meatballs.  I also had a little seafood salad to start and some chocolate mousse to finish.


All in the meal cost me only 79SEK which is about $14 – still more expensive than back home but way cheaper than anything else in town.

I looked around the store for a bit before trying to figure out the maze to get back out to the exit.

By 1pm I was back in town and just decided to hang in the hostel for a couple hours before heading out to do the other thing on my list today.

Another walking tour…

I’ve lost count of how many walking tours I’ve done on this trip but it seemed fitting that this would be the last thing I did on my trip.


The tour started at 4pm and this time we toured the old town.

Some of the stories were the same but I didn’t mind cause there were all sorts of cool photos to take.

By 6pm we were all done but it was still another half hour walk back to the hostel.

On the way back I stopped at the same restaurant I went to last night and had a couple of starters from their menu.


Now, I’ve kind of alluded to it a couple times in my blogs but, damn, my feet are shot.

I’ve been hobbling around like a little old man for awhile now and I know there’s something seriously wrong with my feet.  When I get back home seeing a doctor will be at the top of my list.

What it means is that even though I really wanted to more things the last few days I’ve had to pace myself and make sure I’m off my feet for a good amount of time.

So, I got back to the hostel around 7:30 and just hung out in my room the rest of the night.

I did spend some time talking politics (American, Canadian, and Finnish) with a girl from Finland for awhile and just kind of kicked back and rested.

And that’s it.

The trip’s over.

Through it all I’ve had ups and I’ve had downs but in the end I’m always thankful that I’m in a position where I can still do this kind of trip.

I definitely learnt some things about myself and travelling and when I do my next trip I’ll be approaching it differently for sure.

I’ll still blog about my journey home tomorrow cause that journey is always entertaining.

Hopefully British Airways gets their act together and I don’t get bumped from flights or lose my luggage…

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