So, it’s now been a few days with a stuffed nose and I decided today was going to be a do nothing day.

I woke up late and finally got my ass out of bed at 11am, which for hostel life, it pretty damn late.

I had only two goals for today – find some sinus spray medicine and get food.

The pharmacy was about a 10 minute walk, and thanks to Google Translate, I was able to get some nasal spray to hopefully fix my stuffed up sinuses.

Next, I went looking for lunch.

There are quite a few places with tables set up on their patios but they are almost all just either cafes or bars.

I actually had to walk a bit around town to finally find a place that was serving food.

It was a little place off the main street with picnic tables out front and an outdoor bbq grilling up food.   There were only a couple of tables sat and they were locals.

Yup, this was the right place.

Lunch today was lamb, potatoes, and grilled veg.

After lunch I just headed back to the hostel to veg out and do nothing.   I spent most of the afternoon just mindlessly watching YouTube videos.

There’s a big part of me inside that’s yelling “Todd, get out there and explore!” but there’s also the sensible part of me that’s saying “rest up, get back to 100% and then finish the last two weeks strong”.

I’m listening to the latter voice.

Finally at 7pm, I headed out for dinner.   My roommate Fré from Belgium tagged along to the restaurant I passed last night with the grill.

For dinner we shared grilled pork ribs, chicken wings, and sausages with a side of fries.

We sat and chatted about traveling and how it’s changed me in the way I think of things.   Of course we also attracted a couple of cats who got fed pretty well.

Just as we asked for the bill, the power in the entire city went out so we walked home in the dark.   It was actually kind of cool being able to look up in the sky and see the stars without all the light pollution.

And that was the day.

Not really that much but, at the end of the day, I’m still on vacation.   I’m still traveling.   I’m still backpacking.

And I’m still…

…living the dream!

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