Wow, you actually clicked the link and came to read this blog!

Seriously, it was just another day of nothing.

But since you’re here, I guess I’ll put some kind of blog together…

Health update

So, I’m almost 100% again.   I had a sore throat for a few days last week but the throat’s been fine a few days now.

After paragliding last week I developed sinus problems with a really stuffed up nose.   I’m happy to say, after taking it easy for a few days now, my poor little nose is pretty much alright.

My latest thing I’m tackling is a small outbreak of hives on my arms and legs from mistakenly eating gluten on this trip.

They are itchy as hell and as much as I don’t want to scratch, I find myself scratching incessantly.

I guess the answer to the “what happens if I eat gluten again?” question has been answered.

So, yeah, it’s kind of sucked not being 100%.   It’s hard in normal circumstances but even more so when you’re traveling.

Four days in Berat

Today was day four in Berat and I would say the majority of my time here has either been hanging in my hostel room or going out for meals.

I did explore a little but anything I had planned like day trips kind of went by the way side when I decided I was going to focus on resting and relaxing instead of exploring.

Honestly, it’s been kind of refreshing to just wake up whenever and have your entire day revolve around when you’re going to go out to get meals.

I mean, you know how much I love to eat while I travel…

The home stretch

So, tomorrow I leave Berat and head north to the capital city of Tirana.

I have less than 2 weeks left on this trip with a few days in Tirana before I move onto Kosovo for a week.

There’s some cool stuff coming down the pipeline and I can’t wait to get out there and explore again.

I feel like this little rest period will lead to a strong finish of the trip.

So, yeah, hang in there – there’s more stuff coming!

I really do appreciate you coming to this blog and reading about my daily adventures (or lack thereof).

This blog has always been a labor of love and the fact that people regularly read it always makes me smile.

Time to finish this trip off strong…

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