Feb 5, 2018

So, I’ve previously mentioned I’m going to North Korea on this upcoming trip and while that is obviously the crown jewel of this trip, there are a few other places I’m visiting as well.

In total, the trip will be just over 3 weeks and here’s where I’ll be…

After an 11 hour flight from Vancouver, I arrive in Beijing where I’ll spend 5 days.   This gives me plenty of time to explore the city, eat some amazing food and, of course, visit the Great Wall of China.

From there, it’s a 24 hour train ride to Pyongyang – my destination city in North Korea.

After a 4 day tour of North Korea and another 24 hour train ride back to Beijing where I’ll immediately head south to Shanghai.

To get to Shanghai, I’ll be hopping onto the world’s fastest passenger train (350 km/hr) which will travel the 1320 km south in just under 5 hours.

I’ll be in Shanghai for 3 days and then fly to Seoul for 3 days which will also be the last three days of the Olympics.

The final stop is a quick day and a half in Hong Kong before heading back home again.


Mon, Feb 5       Leave Vancouver
Tue, Feb 6       Arrive in Beijing
Wed, Feb 7       Beijing
Thu, Feb 8       Beijing
Fri, Feb 9       Beijing
Sat, Feb 10      Beijing
Sun, Feb 11      Beijing

Mon, Feb 12      Train to Pyongyang
Tue, Feb 13      Pyongyang
Wed, Feb 14      Pyongyang
Thu, Feb 15      Pyongyang
Fri, Feb 16      Pyongyang
Sat, Feb 17      Train back to Beijing
Sun, Feb 18      Train to Shanghai

Mon, Feb 19      Shanghai
Tue, Feb 20      Shanghai
Wed, Feb 21      Shanghai
Thu, Feb 22      Fly to Seoul
Fri, Feb 23      Seoul
Sat, Feb 24      Seoul
Sun, Feb 25      Seoul (last day of Olympics)

Mon, Feb 26      Fly to Hong Kong
Tue, Feb 27      Hong Kong
Wed, Feb 28      Fly back to Vancouver

DPRK Trip 2018
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