Today I woke up bright and early to catch a 10am bus outta Granada to arrive in Seville 4 hours later.   All day today was nice and sunny – in fact, I even broke open the shorts for the afternoon!

The hostel here is called the Garden Backpackers and for good reason.   There is literally a garden patio out back with a bar, patio tables and chair and heat lamps.

It was so nice to see all the different activities available from the hostel and I partook in 3 of them today.

First there was a walking tour at 4pm to the jewish quarter of the city.   Our guide, while quite long winded compared to other guides I’ve had, was very¬†informative¬†and told some great stories.   Some stuff I know now:   why the streets in Spain are narrow (so the sun doesn’t reach the pavement making it cooler in the summer) , what happens to all the oranges that are grown here (shipped to London to make marmalade) and how Muslims were able to break their “no drinking” rule (their religion doesn’t allow them to drink for pleasure but as shop owners they had to taste the wine they were serving first to prove they weren’t poisoning their Christian and Jewish customers).

I love these little tidbits – best part of the walking tours.

At 7:30 the hostel serves free sangria each night so, of course, I had a few.   Sangria is sneaky cause it goes down real easy and before you know it you have a pretty good buzz going on.

So I slowed down a little because I was also going on a tapas tour at 9pm and of course tapas go hand in hand with… SANGRIA!

God, I love sangria!

The tapas tour was fantastic.   I, along with about 20 others from a few different hostels, met up and we went to 3 different tapas bars.   The company was great as I talked to a wide range of different people and of course the food was amazing.   Here’s what we ate:

All in all it was a great day – a huge turnaround from the last few days.   I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…

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