For all that ailed me a few days ago – Seville was definitely the cure.

I was blessed the last few days to be invaded by Americans.   I met so many while I was here.

Of course there was the group of 6 who all are studying business in Milan for the semester and are themselves on an amazing trip of their own for the next couple of weeks.

I also met Rachel and Caroline, also coincidentally studying in Milan but didn’t know the six until they arrived here in Seville.

There was also the self professed metal head Natalie, another american studying abroad in Berlin, who with her purple tinge of hair immediately caught my attention.

I also met Erin on a walking tour.   It was raining so we shared my umbrella and talked.   We tried our best to meet up again but relying solely on Facebook to communicate hampered it.

Sam and Jenny were with me the first night.   Sam and I clicked talking about travelling.   Working at a farm and as a caterer outside of New York gave her ample time to take a few weeks off every once in awhile and she uses them to travel.

I actually have met several people like Sam on my journey so far.   With their own tales of their travels they’ve inspired me and excited me for my own trip.

So, back to the great day – my last in Seville…

It started with me wandering about by myself in the rain.   Around 1pm I bumped into the six at the end of their walking tour.   After a quick lunch at the hostel we all headed back to the main tourist area to check out the big highlights – the cathedral and palace with gardens.

The cathedral was sadly closed because they were preparing for the big festival starting the next day which I sadly will just be missing.

The palace, however, was open and simply put was stunning.   The best moment – walking out into the garden with waterfall to our left and beautifully manicured greenery to our right.

Dinner tonight was a home cooked pasta with tomato sauce, veggies and chicken.   The guys, Alex and Matt, prepared the meal and I contributed with a salad.   Nicki also made an amazing garlic and artichoke bread.   Best.   Thing.   Ever.

Along with the free sangria the hostel supplied it was a great meal with 8 of us sitting enjoying this massive meal for the low price of 3 euros each.   I see many more hostel meals like this in my future.

After dinner the next stop was a flamenco show.   A tour group partered with the hostels took us to a small building that from the inside looks like someone’s basement suite complete with posters of bands like queen, the doors and the sex pistols.   The seats were uncomfortable wooden seats cramped together in order to get everyone in.   Between the hostels there were about 60 people there and it was packed.

Once the show started you no longer thought about the seating, or the ambiance because the show was just stunning.

The group of four on stage (two dancers, a singer and a guitar player) proceeded to give us an hour of passion and emotion.   By the end they were sweating profusely – they had worked that hard to entertain us and that they did.

My final stop of the night was for tapas with Natalie (the girl studying in Berlin).   I had eaten at this place the day before and had the most amazing beef tenderloin done in a port sauce.   I was craving it so much again I was determined to somehow, someway eat it one more time before I left.

By the time we got back to the hostel it was almost 1am and I had to be up 5 hours later so as much as I didn’t want the day to end I gave in and headed to bed.

It was by far the best day I’ve had on my travels so far…

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