Apr 7, 2013

Today was all about relaxation and preparation for the next couple of weeks of my trip.   Jaimie left for home this morning and, just like that, I was on my own again.   It’s something I’ve gotten used to – saying goodbye – as I’ve done it pretty much every week since I started this trip.   Alas, it seems like ages ago I was hanging out with the Germans.

But it’s okay – there will always be someone new down the road.   Not to take away from the people I’ve met – they have made this trip what it is and it would have been very dull (not to mention depressing) if I hadn’t met them along the way.

But, I digress… today, I was on my own and it was all good.

I headed out on an early morning bus down the Amalfi coast.   The trip is really about the bus ride more than anything as we travel along the seaside with amazing views.   Well, amazing views if you’re on the right side of the bus.   Luckily, a couple of people let me know this very important tidbit ahead of time and I was able to finagle the last window seat on the right hand side.

The bus trip was about 2 hours but I split it in half by stopping in Positano for an hour or so before boarding another bus to my final desination – Amalfi.

Each city was a little tourist destination and seemed like the entire economy of the cities were derived from tourism.   I wandered around each city stopping for a lemon sherbet in one and an ice cream in another.   I know, hard life, right?

I actually headed back around 3pm which is actually kind of early but I guess that’s what happens when you start the day out at 9am.

The late afternoon and evening were pretty nonchalant as I had lost my travel companion and I have met no one else where I’m staying as it’s a hotel not a hostel.

I went out for an early dinner where I had a full four course meal: salad, lasagna, rabbit and apple pie along with, of course, a glass of wine.   Afterwards I just parked myself in front of the laptop figuring out the next part of my trip and of course updating this blog for all you lovely people.

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