Early this morning I left Split and hopped on a ferry for 2 hours to the island of Hvar.   It’s still a month before the high season starts so the island is still relatively slow.

When I arrived at my hostel I must admit I was a little disappointed to find there were only 6 other people staying there but as the day went on I realized that this was actually the perfect fit for me right now.

The people staying at the hostel are alright and it has a “home away from home” feel as people just kind of hang out in the patio area relaxing.

I spent the afternoon touring the city of Hvar Town (the main city on the island) including hiking up to the fortress high atop the city.

It was just such a beautiful day.   Sunny, quiet and very relaxing.

I still had some left over gnocci from my ridiculously large dinner last night so I went to the market and bought some onions, tomatoes and sausage to add to it and made me a little late lunch.

For a good chuck of the early evening I sat at the table on the patio playing online poker while joining in on the conversation going on.

About a half hour before the sunset I went out to the waterfront to just sit on a rock and watch it.   Nobody around.   Just the sounds of the waves – it was beautiful.

Around 9pm myself and 3 others went to a cool little restaurant tucked away up an alleyway from the main seaside strip.   Being on an island definitely made me crave some seafood so I ordered the seafood plate which had sardines, shrimps, blue fish and calamari on it.

We finished the night off with some gelato (of course) and that was it.

So in brief this is what I did today:   walked in the sun, explored a fortress, played poker, lounged around, saw a sunset and ate two great meals.

It was a perfect day!

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