Feb 21, 2013

The biggest thing I’m going to miss when I leave my job tomorrow (aside from the money, of course) are the regulars.   Some I serve every week, some every month and some even less but I’m always happy to see them…


The Swansons had been coming in almost every Friday night for awhile and I happened to serve them one of those Friday nights about a year ago and ever since they’ve asked for my section.   I didn’t think I had done anything special to warrant the request but was more than happy to oblige.

On their last visit with me they gave me a card and a box of chocolates.   So sweet!   Oh, and I’ll never forget their order:   Bombay martini w/ olives and a glass of Merlot with a side of ice.


Glen and Alan were regular visitors to our bar.   Even though I rarely served them because I was in the restaurant, I developed a great rapport with them – a byproduct of my opening shifts when there was nothing to do but chat with the guys at the bar.

The few times they came into the restaurant when the whole tribe was here, if I was working they would ask for me – something that would always make me feel special.   Of course, their generosity when the bill came was amazing too.


Ah, Buff and Ellen Oldridge… they’ve been coming in almost every Friday night since before I started there over 3 years ago.

I actually never served them until about 6 months ago but then, one Friday, I did.   And then the next Friday and the next and then, before I knew it, they were just walking in on their own into my section.   They were just really happy to have someone to remember their regular order and I was happy to see them every week.


Bob and Penny Middleton (on the left) were regulars of mine almost every Saturday for well over 2 years.   Bev and John (on the right) would join them every month or so as well.

On Christmas each year they gave me a present and on our last Saturday together they gave me a heartfelt card and some euros for my trip.

I will probably miss them the most and I’m sure years from now I’ll still remember their regular orders…

Of course, no blog about regulars would be complete without mentioning Jack.   I very rarely served him but he was one of my favorite people to see.   Sadly, he passed away a few months ago but he will never be forgotten.

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