Jan 24, 2013

So, you’re going to Europe for 7 months AND you’re moving everything into storage – time to write a checklist cause there’s a TON of stuff to do…

I will say this – the beauty of a checklist (even if it is a long, daunting one) is the sense of joy and accomplishment you get as you cross each thing off the list.   It’s a great feeling knowing that each thing that comes off the list brings you one step, one day closer to leaving for your trip.

Anyway, here’s my list…

  • Get my phone unlocked and jail broken (so I can use my phone with any Sim card in Europe)
  • Get 2012 tax forms and inquire about getting my T4’s early so I can file my taxes before I leave
  • Get a list of embassies
  • Get my mail forwarded
  • Get a reference letter from work and upload it with my resume for when I get back
  • Photocopy/Scan and then upload copies of my travel documents
  • Change my address with all government agencies to my mom’s place
  • Make sure I’m back on BC Medical Plan (I was off for awhile because my job gave me medical)
  • Get travel insurance
  • Open an ING account and get a bank card to use in Europe with no foreign conversion fees
  • Contact banks and credit cards to let them know I’m going so my cards don’t get blocked
  • Roll all my coins (I had $20 worth of pennies – this took awhile)
  • Get a copy of a bank statement to bring on the trip
  • Get an international drivers’ licence
  • Setup a blog
  • Book flight into Europe and return flight home
  • Make a list of good hostels I want to stay at
  • Change paycheck to direct deposit (just so I can get my last paycheck)
  • Cancel my costco membership card
  • Cancel my utilities and make arrangements for final payments
  • Find out about storage insurance for my car while I’m gone
  • Arrange a contingency plan if something happens to my car while I’m gone
  • Book a moving van
  • Sell my couch
  • Pack everything
  • Clean and paint the apartment
  • Arrange a final dinner with friends
  • GO SHOPPING! (that’s a whole other checklist…)
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