Mar 6, 2017

Well, I can’t very well be in London and not visit Buckingham Palace, can I?

Now, for 23 hours a day it’s just a building to look at.   You go by, you take a few photos and you go on your way.

For that other hour though there’s the pomp and pageantry of the changing of the guard.

In the winter months they do the changing of the guard every day at 10:15.

I decided to show up an hour early in order to get a good viewing spot.

I showed up at the gate of Buckingham Palace and one of only a few people there.   I planted myself in my spot right in the front and stood and waited in the cold for an hour.

By the time 10:15 rolled around the area was completely crowded with people with people pushing into me and selfie sticks being extended over me.

Damn tourists.

Now, they say the changing of the guard starts at 10:15 but it actually starts down the road from the palace and the real show doesn’t start til just before 11:00.

And then the show was on.

After some formations the marching band then played a Michael Jackson medley which totally was unexpected on my part.

So, yeah, there it is – the changing of the guard and an impromptu Michael Jackson concert.

Tomorrow I’m going on a day trip a year and a half in the making.

I won’t ruin the surprise but it’s going to be amazing!

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