Mar 18, 2017

I went to bed last night in an empty room.

Everyone was out partying on St Patrick’s Day and the room was still completely empty by midnight.

Sure enough, as expected, I was woken up just a few hours later to drunken snoring.

By the time morning rolled around the room was hot and a little bit stinky.

I just wanted to get the hell outta dodge.

I was heading over to the small shoreline city of Conwy in Wales.

The trip was only a couple of hours but it involved 1 bus and 3 different trains.

As I disembarked in my new city, it was like night and day from where I was the day before.

Complete calm.   Complete tranquility.

Just the perfect place to be after the zoo I just encountered.

I checked in and headed straight to the Conwy Castle overlooking the town.

The town itself is very small that it only took about 15 minutes to walk through it to get to the castle.

So beautiful.

So perfect!

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