Nov 5, 2016

My last trip USSR Trip 2015 came to an end just over a year ago.

I know I said as that trip ended that my next adventure would be, here, back home.   An adventure of love I think I called it.

Turns out there are still plenty of adventures in the world waiting for me out there and settling down in a “normal” life isn’t something I’m willing do in my life yet.

Hell, I may never settle down.   I may travel for the rest of my life from adventure to adventure meeting amazing people from all over the world along the way.

So, with that in my mind, it’s time for another trip!

At the end of January I’ll be heading back to Europe for a third time to see the countries I still haven’t seen.   Before I get there though I’ll be taking a little detour down south to Mexico and Cuba.   In all I’ll be on the road for another epic 4 month trip.

I’ll be visiting 14 different countries:


Anyway, there you have it – 14 countries in 4 months.

The pace of this trip will be alot slower than the frantic pace of my last trip.   In fact, I’m packing up all my stuff and storing it away while I’m gone so the trip may even go longer.

I’ve also come to realize that my priorities when it comes to travelling were a little out of whack.

I was focusing too much on seeing everything there was to see in a city and then moving on to the next one to do it all over again.

This time around I want to focus on the people I meet along the way.   I want to really get to know people, to connect with them and spend time with them as opposed to wandering off on my own to explore something.

Anyway, let the countdown begin…

86 days to go!

Euro Trip 2017
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