After doing a final load of laundry this afternoon, I packed my backpack for my trip which begins with a one night stay in Seattle tomorrow night.

Ironically I have packed more this time for my 2 week trip than I had for my entire 7 (well cut to 3) month trip to Europe earlier this year.

For one, I’m packing heavier clothing.   Instead of shorts and swimwear I’ve got sweaters, sweat tops and jackets.

I also have packed enough to not need to do any laundry while I’m away.

Yes, I packed 18 pairs of socks and underwear.

And 8 tshirts, 4 sweat tops, 3 pairs of pants, 1 sweater, a jacket, toque, hat, gloves and a scarf.

Oh, and a big box of hot shots hand warmers.

Add all the other things like laptop, adapters, cords, toiletries and a sleeping bag and I ended up at 32 pounds.

That’s one heavy backpack!   Luckily we’ll have a 4×4 so it won’t be on my back most of time.

1 day to go!!!

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