After a long day travelling from Vik back to Reykjavik.   I got settled in and headed out into the Reykjavik night for a nice meal.

I asked the girl at the front desk to recommend a restaurant for a nice meal.   Without hesitation she recommended Sjávargrillið.

Just down the street I waked in and was shown a table by the window.   I always feel apprehensive when I enter a restaurant by myself – especially a fancy one.   Of course my apprehension wasn’t helped by the fact that I was wearing sweatpants but I forged on anyway.

I immediately zoned in on their tasting menus.   They have different ones: a three course one, a few 4 course ones and then I saw it…

8 course Party menu for 8700 kronas (about $75).

I was so doing that!   I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I knew I wanted a full on dinner before I left Iceland.   I wanted to try all the delicacies the country had to offer in one fowl swoop.

About 5 minutes after I sat down, they sat another lone traveler at the table right next to mine.   Her name was Naoko and she was travelling from Tokyo.

As she sat looking perplexed by the menu my server instincts took over and I asked her what she was looking for.   She told me she was looking for seafood so I suggested maybe the 4 course tasting menu that focused on seafood.

I laughed and told her I was having the 8 course meal on the opposite page and, to my surprise, she decided she would have the same thing.

And, so, we each had the tasting menu together.   Our server, Iðunn, was amazing.   I was once again floored to watch a server place a meal down and then describe each and every ingredient on it.


So, without further ado, here is my 8 course dinner:

Course 1:    Teriyaki marinated tuna with wasabi nuts

Course 2:   Grilled pork belly with mashed potato in a bearnaise sauce

Course 3:   Cod with lobster and turnips in a hollandaise sauce

Course 4:    (left to right) Pickled herring with waldorf salad  |   Smoked salmon with pickled celery and cucumber salad  |   Lamb with beets in a white bechamel sauce   |   (in the jar) Salmon with a rye crisp

Course 5:    (left to right) Minke whale with a pickled red onion salad  |   Smoked European Shag with fennel salad  |   Puffin with hazelnut crumble and blueberry sorbet

Course 6:   Grilled salmon, and slow cooked salmon with a carrot mouse and risotto topped with a chicken veloute sauce

Course 7:   Pork belly with a mushrooms, a mushroom puree and a potato puree in a lamb glaze.   Served with a leg of lamb

And course eight…

Well, that’s another story…

I started my dinner at 6:30 and by course seven it was 8:30 and I was stuffed.   Like, seriously, I couldn’t eat another bite.

I asked my server if I could pay now and then come back later for my dessert course.   She checked with the host and told me that was possible as long as I returned no later that 10pm.

So, I paid my bill, said goodbye to Naoko and headed back to the hostel.

Where I…

Fell asleep!


Judging by what I received in the first 7 courses I have these images of a plate chalk full of a variety of different desserts.

Edit:   I went back the day after and finally had the eighth course – read about it here.

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