So after a few days Dorianne and I are on completely different sleep times.   My cough has led me to sleep at the weirdest times and last night was no different.   I actually fell asleep at 7:30pm since I only had 4 hours sleep the night before and had been up since 4am.

At the same time Dorianne was heading out to sample the famed nightlife of Reykjavik.

I slept a full 8 hours problem free for the first time in a week.   Unfortunately I was up and wide awake at 3:30am.   I killed a couple of hours chatting on Facebook and then by 6am I decided I would wash up and just get on with the day.

I headed out to the dark, empty streets walking up and down exploring the streets looking for a restaurant or cafe that was open early.

No such luck.

After over an hour of exploring I finally headed back to The Grey Cat restaurant I had breakfast at yesterday.   This time I had a Cuban sandwich (ham, cheese, onion, garlic and dijon mustard).   Good sandwich but once again an outrageous price of about $20.

At 9:30 I headed back to the hostel where Dorianne was already packed and ready for our 10am checkout.   I quickly packed up my stuff and by 10am we were out the door and back in our rental car.

Good bye Reykjavik, see ya again in about 10 days…

Hello western Iceland!

Since our first day when we toured the Golden Circle and the sky was clear it’s been grey and overcast the last two days.   Today, however, the sky was clear again almost sensing that we were heading on the road again.

Our final destination for the day was Grundarfjorour, a small town just at the edge of the western peninsula of Iceland.   The GPS said the trip was about 2 1/2 hours but we took our time getting there stopping several times to take photos at all the marvelous sights we saw.

We walked on an ice covered lake, pet some horses, visited the Atlantic Ocean, visited Hellnar and its’ protruding cliff Valasnos and saw what Dorianne excitingly claimed to be an elf house.

We finally arrived at our hostel here in Grundarfjorour at about 5pm.   There are 5 other people staying here – a group of Germans and Austrians travelling together.   They kind of kept to themselves and we did the same.

We had planned to go to the only restaurant here in town at 7pm as they are only open between 7:00 and 9:00.   Dorianne saw a phone number for reservations and thought maybe since it was the only restaurant in town and it was Saturday night that we should call for one.

To my shock, when I called the lady informed me that the restaurant actually wasn’t open tonight as there weren’t enough guests staying at the adjacent hotel.

Wow, good thing we called ahead.

We quickly went over to the grocery store as it was now 5:30 and I feared they would be closing soon.   We picked up some groceries and came back to the hostel to make dinner.

After dinner we headed to our room and by then our sleep patterns kind of melded as Dorianne was running on about 3 hours sleep while I had been up for quite awhile.   So, by 9pm we were both tucked away in bed.

Tomorrow we head to the north west before following the road to the eastern side of Iceland later on in the week…

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