Try as I might, when I was doing my shopping in Vancouver for this trip, I just could not find earmuffs.   Surely in Metrotown – the largest mall in the Vancouver area – there would have been a store that sold them but no…

Hell, at the Gap the girl had to explain to her co-worker what earmuffs were.   Now I know we don’t really get snow in Vancouver but still – how do you not know what earmuffs are ?!?

Anyway, I decided to give it one last ditch effort last night here in Seattle when I found out there was a Target department store down the street.

I went inside, up an escalator, turned left, another left and wouldn’t you know it – earmuffs!

Of course there was only one left and, fittingly enough, the one pair left in the store in the States was camouflage colored.


Not my first choice of color but my poor little ears would now be protected in Iceland!

… and I’m all set for my next duck hunting trip.

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