So after yesterday’s debacle of a day I was determined to do both the walking tours around Kiev today.

At 11:00am I headed downstairs to the little café attached to the hostel.  They had a simple breakfast menu and I selected the “Great Friends Breakfast”.


I had no idea what I would be getting but, hey, it was such a friendly meal name how could I go wrong?

Turned out to be your typical breakfast plate complete with eggs, toast, sausage, tomatoes, potatoes and bread.

After my quick breakfast I was on my way back downtown to Independence Square.


I will say with all the back and forth on the subway I’ve done the last couple of days I now feel like I’m an expect with no worries of getting lost anymore.

At quarter to twelve I showed up at the meeting point which wasn’t hard to find considering the girl was waving a huge flag.

The crowd was not the typical crowd I’ve seen on tours.  In fact, everywhere including the hostel I’m staying at is different.  Most everyone is from somewhere in Eastern Europe and it seems every conversation I hear is in a non-English language.

The tour was no different as everyone there didn’t have English as their primary language.

Of course the tour was still done in English cause, well, that seems to be the universal language as pretty much every country over here teaches English as a secondary language.

Anyway, about that title – “Girl, Interrupted”…

Here’s the thing – there’s a reason I got a Ukrainian sim card and Kiev phone number yesterday and it’s girls.

There are gorgeous Ukrainian girls all over the place and meeting up with one of them seems to have overridden everything else going on in my tiny pea brain.

Anyway, as the walking tour was starting I started getting text messages from a girl I had met yesterday.

Needless to say, I kind of stop paying attention to the tour and kind of trailed to the back of the pack as I was texting back and forth with this girl.

We stopped at a couple of places and we eventually made our way to Andrew’s Decent which is where my hostel is.

It was about 1:30 and I bailed on the tour – something better was waiting for me!

Inevitably I missed out on the 4pm tour too (again) but let’s just say I wasn’t too concerned about it…

Sorry, everything else is edited out here – it’s not that kind of blog.

In the early evening I returned back to my hood stopping for another feast at my favorite restaurant before heading back to the hostel.

In the evening I just hung out in the cafe next to the hostel thinking about the day.

Another day in the books.  Did I do anything?  Well, no, not really… but it was a great day!

Tomorrow, on the other hand, is going to be a long day as my Chernobyl day trip starts at 7:30am and returns back 13 hours later.

I’m looking forward to a radiating experience…

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