Today was a day where I really didn’t do anything and, yet, it was one of my best days on the trip…

I woke up late – well, as late as I could with a 10am checkout time.

I was leaving for the airport at 3pm so I had a few hours to kill.


The plan was to go out, grab some lunch, and explore for a bit on my own.

Of course it was raining yet again – I actually think I’ve only had 3 or 4 sunny days on this entire trip.

After walking around for awhile I finally just settled for a sandwich and some goulash at Subway.

I went back to the hostel around 1:00 and just watched some TV shows on my computer and before you knew it – it was time to go to the airport.

I know – this is such riveting stuff!


Now, originally I hadn’t planned on going to Warsaw at all.  I had heard it was just a big city and there wasn’t much to do there.

A sold out overnight train to Krakow this evening changed my plans and now I was boarding a flight to Warsaw instead arriving in Krakow a couple days later by a different train.

I gotta tell ya – thank God Warsaw got thrown into the mix.

Not because of the city itself – I still haven’t really seen it – I’ll do that tomorrow.

Nope, there were a few other things…

My hostel – Patchwork hostel – while being a large industrial type hostel had a very welcoming vibe to it.

Or maybe it’s because when I opened the door to my room 305 there was NO ONE else in the room – just me!


Oh my God!

A whole room to myself!  A full nights’ sleep!

This was amazing!

Later I went out into the cold Warsaw night and happened upon an authentic little restaurant that served perogies and sausage among other things.




I started with a plate of sour rye soup with horseradish egg and grilled white sausage and finished off with a plate of perogies with bacon.

And a refreshing (and maybe a bit addictive) chilled summer fruit infusion drink.


Me thinks I’ll be back there tomorrow…

The night turn an even better turn when I met up with a girl I had found on Tinder.

We hung out for awhile and before I knew it, it was after midnight and I was walking back to the hostel.

It was cold.  It was rainy.

And I didn’t have a care in the world…

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