Well, it’s only a few days to go til USSR Trip 2015!

After putting together a “to do” list last week of all the little things that need to be taken care of before I leave, I started knocking them off the list one by one this week.

I brought my travel netbook out of it’s year and a half hibernation and transferred all my travel files from my laptop.   I also downloaded a bunch of movies and TV shows to watch on those long plane and train rides.

I did all my online banking and contacted the banks about my travel plans cause there’s nothing worse than having your card blocked when you’re trying to buy something overseas.

I reluctantly went back to the mall to pick up a few little things.   I had the pants I bought last week hemmed.   I also found one more shirt and a much needed (yet hard to find) travel sleeping mask.

There was also a little matter of my fridge…

Food obviously spoils and gets freezer burn over five weeks so I tried to be smart about my grocery shopping this week and tried to prepare meals using everything I had in the freezer.

I also talked with the building manager to get him to have my mail put aside for the five weeks I’m gone.

And we can’t forget about setting up the PVR cause, oh my God, there’s SOOOOO much TV to tape while I’m away!

Over the weekend I’ll do my last load of dishes and laundry, take out the garbage, make one last trip to the bank and do all my packing.

And of course… lunch with my mommy…

4 days to go!

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USSR 2015
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