So as the title to this entry suggests, there was alot going on today.

I started by going out for breakfast at 10am.   Since I sweated through my shirt yesterday when I went out at the same time, I went shirtless this time.   This would have been a mighty fine decision if I had also put on sunscreen.

I was a victim of the “it’s only for a little while, I really don’t need any” line of thinking.

In fact, my little while turned into a good hour because I was searching for a very specific breakfast.

My cousin Alys and her husband Sheldon had come to Boracay on one of their many travels and had raved about a particular sandwich called the Freddie White.

So, today, I was in search of a Freddie White.   It’s only available at the Blue Mango Inn’s restaurant and is named after a man who used to frequent the place.

It is a sandwich with peanut butter and jelly on one side and bacon and mayo on the other.   Classic Yum!

Anyway, since there are dozens of restaurants and hotels along the beach I relied on the GPS Navigation on my phone to lead me to the restaurant.

Along the way I saw a tiny kitten just outside one of the restaurants.   It looked so sad and I’m a huge sucker for cats.   I went a little further down to a shawarma place to buy one.

I actually only wanted the beef but she just didn’t understand what I wanted in fact telling me it was not possible.

So she grilled a pita bread for it and then offered me toppings which I declined.   I took the naked beef wrap back to the kitty and watched as she nibbled away at it.   My good deed for the day.

Anyway, back to Freddie White – turns out the GPS not as spot on as you would think.   It directed me to the back streets off the main beach where alot of the less expensive accommodations (including the one I’m staying at) are.   I was going in circles trying to find the place while sweating profusely.

As I was on the verge of giving up I asked a couple of people and they pointed me in the right direction – just a bit further down on the white beach.

*Heavenly sound*

The Blue Mango Restaurant!!!

I glanced at their menu and – Yes! – there it was – the Freddie White!!!

I sat down, and told the server I already knew what I was having.   I told her I had come a long way just to have the Freddie White.

She went to back to order it and a few minutes she came back…

Sorry, we’re out of the Freddie White.   Maybe a Clubhouse sandwich?

My head almost exploded right then and there.   I was trying to figure out what part of the sandwich they didn’t have.   It didn’t make sense.

Then she told me the reason was because it was a new cook.   She said she would go back again and ask.   She did and I got the thumbs up.   A few minutes later I was presented the Freddie White!

Considering it was a new cook, it probably wasn’t done right but it had all the right stuff in it so I was happy.

By the time I got back to the hostel I was exhausted.   The heat really takes it out of you.

The island tour was on for 1pm but there were only 3 of us and, frankly, I was ready to bail.   I got back just after noon, showered and changed into new clothes.   I was about to get set for a lazy afternoon hanging around the hostel when I ran into Jisu who told me there were now 7 people going.

That brought me back over the fence and I quickly went a changed into my swim gear as we all headed out just after 1pm.

Our group was myself, Jisu, Mel and Joey (from Manitoba), Liam (UK), Nico (Finland) and Jimmy (Shanghai/Singapore – pretty sure that was his americanized name…).

We paid our 500 pesos at the hostel and were led down to our motorized catamaran waiting for us on the white beach.

The tour lasting 2 hours and stopped at Puka beach and three different snorkeling spots.   The first spot almost everyone got out to snorkel even though there were no fins available.

Of course I was the only one in a life vest and even with that I was basically in panic mode the whole time I was in the water snorkeling.   I just couldn’t relax enough to focus on anything but the fact that I was floating face down in deep water.

I returned to the boat after about 5 minutes while the others continued to snorkel.

In the title I said that it was weird island hopping and it was.   After the first snorkel spot no one had any desire to snorkel anymore at the other spots.   In fact no one got off the boat when we landed at Puka beach either because there wasn’t anything there – just beach.

We just sat there talking while a poor vendor stood on the beach next to our boat waiting for us to get off repeatedly saying “ice cream, ice cream”.

For me, it was perfect because I really just wanted to relax and this fit the bill.

We landed back on the beach around 4:30 and went our separate ways.   Jisu and I were to meet Jamie, June and Leann in a little while for our sunset cruise.   Jisu stayed on the beach but I left for the hostel because I told Jamie we’d meet there at 5pm.

On the way back though I had another thing on my list to do – a Monster Monkey Burger (no it’s not made from monkey).   Yesterday the girls had stopped in there for regular burgers and I noticed this monster burger on their menu and knew I’d be back for it.

It’s a double patty, double cheese, fried onions, bacon and all the fixins on a burger bun – yum, diddly, um!!!

A quick trip to the hostel to get Jamie and we were heading back to the meeting spot for the sunset cruise.

Apparently this is a huge thing and everybody and their dog was on the beach going on one of the dozens of sailboats there.   So we had to wait.   And wait…

We ended up getting on a boat just as the sun disappeared over the horizon but it turned out to the be the perfect time.

Not only did we get to see the sun set while standing on the beach but we also got to see the dusk sky light up as we cruised for half an hour on the water.

After the cruise we all went our own ways again as the girls were into drinking and partying whereas I was ready for a nice relaxing evening to myself.

Yes, I turned down partying girls in favor of being by myself.   I’ve either really grown as a person or am incredibly stupid.

Around 9pm I headed back down to the beach past the hundreds of tourists in search of dinner.   I stopped at the restaurant – Reye’s Barbecue – where I found the kitty earlier in the day.

It had transformed from a quiet little place during the day to a rockin bar/restaurant on the beach with a band at night.

It was a nice dinner of bbq chicken and rice and before long I was heading back to the hostel once again to call it a night.

For me, another great day – different things with different people and a little time to myself.

One more day left in Boracay tomorrow before flying to Manila the following day where I’ll spend about one hour before busing back to Angeles City for a couple more days.

Asia Trip 2014, Trip Journal

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