Feb 10, 2014  |  Day 22 of 103

Yesterday Jisu showed me a crepe place that had savory crepes so I knew what I was doing for breakfast this morning.

At 10am I headed out again into the hot, humid day.   Tip for those of you travelling here in the future – don’t go out at 10am in the morning!

It’s damn hot out there but by 2pm it’s cooled off enough where you won’t sweat through your shirt

Anyway, after breakfast I went back to the hostel to change my shirt (thank God I now had laundry done).

Myself, Jamie and her friend June (Filipino staying at another hotel) were to meet for a trio of activities.   Jamie was out for the day as the late nights before were taking their toll on her.

So it was just me and June.

We met up with our tour guides at 2pm and were off on our adventure.

Today we were doing ATVing, ziplining and zorbing.   I had actually heard that these activities were relatively short and lame.

However, I figured because they were packaged together it would be alright and certainly worth the 1500 pesos ($35) combined price we were paying.

We got in the van and navigated through the ridiculous traffic because of road construction just down from D mall.

We were actually stuck in a tight squeeze on a side street with a bigger truck for a bit but finally got out of there and up to the ATV park.

After signing my life away yet again and a quick briefing on how to ride one of these things, we were off down the road up the hill to the view point of Mount Luho.

Of course there was an admission (cough, money grab, cough) of 120 pesos ($3) to enter the area.

At the top we got a nice 360 view of the quieter Station 1 part of Boracay.

We walked down the steps where our second activity was waiting for us – ziplining!

Shortest zipline ever…

Thank God it was packaged in otherwise I definitely would have felt cheated if I had just signed up for it.

It was 10 seconds over to one side and 10 seconds back.   Over before you knew it.

Not that I didn’t enjoy it.   It was the first time I had done a zipline and it was frickin’ awesome!

After the zipline, we hopped back on our ATVs to drive to the next destination – the Zorb park.

Yet another thing I’ve never done.

If you don’t know what a zorb is – well, it’s a huge inflated plastic bubble that you go inside of and then roll around in.

Or in our case, get pushed down a small hill into a swimming pool.

Both of us were put in the same zorb which had a little pool of water in it to abait the friction that would happen.

It was like a sauna in there.   We laughed as they plugged the hole closed and then rolled us down the hill.

The water inside made it so you had the same feeling as swimming I learned as I got water up my nose, eyes and mouth.   That I was not expecting.

The ride once again lasted about 10 seconds and we got soaking wet but, again, pretty damn awesome!

After drying off a bit we drove back to the ATV park to end our afternoon adventure.

Pretty cool way to spend a couple of hours I gotta say!

By 4:30 we were back at Station 2 and June and I said our goodbyes as I headed back to get something to eat to bring back to the hostel.

There is a little rotisserie set up in a shack down the road from the hostel that always has whole chickens on its’ spit for 180 pesos.   It always looked so yummy and was one of things on my list to do before I left Boracay.

First though, I had to stop by Monkey Burger to order some nice crispy fries to go with it.

So, here I was, whole chicken and a side order of fries, walking back to the hostel.   I sat down at one of the patio tables in the common area and grinned from ear to ear while I mowed down on this delectable meal.

It’s the little things, you know?

And how does one end a day like today?

Well, rooftop karaoke and a movie, of course!

The staff setup their outdoor projector and before popping in the movie of the night – About Time – they entertained me with their good and some not so good karaoke.

I really enjoyed the staff here and am going to miss them (especially Jess).   The whole stay at the hostel was a great experience and I would highly recommend staying here if you’re ever in Boracay.

At 9pm, the movie was on – thanks to a connection from my netbook as the file on the USB stick they had wasn’t working.

Cute little movie.

The perfect end to a perfect day and a perfect trip to Boracay.

Tomorrow is another travel day as I’ll be up at 6:30am and won’t be arriving in Angeles City until the afternoon.

Fun day ahead…

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