This all goes back to my last day in Phuket earlier this week.

For me it was a day where I found out a little piece of me I didn’t like.   It was a day that will hold significance in my life moving forward.   If you haven’t read about what happened that day, go read it!

I woke up this morning with one of those moments.   You know, those rare moments where things become crystal clear and everything comes into focus.

Yeah, I love waking up to those.

My plan for my trip hasn’t changed.   I’m still going to spend a few more days here in Chiang Mai and then fly down to Bangkok for a few more days there before going to Kuala Lumpur, Japan and then home.


I’m going to do quite possibly the craziest thing I’ve ever done on Saturday – just 4 days from now.

I will be in Bangkok by then as I’m flying out of Chiang Mai on Friday afternoon.

On Saturday I’m going to take a kind of day trip if you will involving 2 flights.

Yes, flights…

I’m flying to Phuket early Saturday morning and flying back later in the day

In between the flights and the minivan transfers to and from the airport I’ll have about 3 hours in town.

You know what I’m going to do?

I’m going to sit in the McDonalds by the beach and wait for a shy 10 year old girl to come by again selling flowers.

I’m going to give her this note…

And in English…


I was here one week ago and you wanted to sell me flowers.

I was rude and waved you off.

I am very sorry.

Please can I purchase all your flowers for 1000 baht.

Thank you

This impromptu trip for the day is going to cost me close to $300 but it may very well be the best money I ever spend.

I cannot wait until Saturday. (edit: you can find out what happened here)

To read about what happened the rest of the day, click here.

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