As the title implies I seriously did nothing of note today.

I started early in the morning in Sorrento, checking out at 9am and catching a 10am ferry to Naples where I was boarding a noon train headed for Florence.

Where I docked in Naples was a couple of blocks away from the hostel I was staying at only a couple of days ago so I knew the area and was very confident in my ability to get to the train station in plenty of time to get a pizza beforehand as I hadn’t eaten anything yet.

Well, my confidence got the better of me as I didn’t even think that there would be two different trams leaving the same stop outside the hostel.   I wanted tram #1 and ended up taking tram #4.   After going out of my way for a good 15 minutes my error became clear to me.

I now went from a leisurely ride to the train station followed by pizza to a frantic, nerve wracking ride with no pizza and a spirited sprint from the tram stop to the station.

In the end I made it – barely – as I boarded the train just 5 minutes before it left.

Sadly I was on an empty stomach and when I asked my┬áneighbor┬áif there was any food on board and gestured the famous “rubbing of the belly” to indicate I was hungry, she reached in her bag and gave me a bag of crisps.   How sweet!

As it turned out there was a food and drink car next to the one I was on so I moseyed over there and picked up a little sandwich/drink/dessert combo.   Later on the crew came by and gave everyone a complimentary (non-alcoholic) drink and snack.   This day was quickly becoming about food.

And I think we all know how I feel about food…

I arrived in Florence in the late afternoon and my luck with the weather seems to have ended as it was drizzling when I headed out of the station.   At least it was just a drizzle and not the God awful rain I had been experiencing in Rome and pretty much all of Spain.

I arrived at the hostel easily enough.   The town is very small and just has a friendlier feel – my kind of town.   I had no plan for the rest of the day as I kind of set it aside to figure out how I was going to do the Cinqueterre shuffle a couple of days from now and how I was going to mesh that into a trip to Nice later on in the week.   Plus I had to figure out what I was going to see in my one and only day in Florence tomorrow.

In between all that I stepped out for a Margherita pizza and a few hours later went out to a nice dinner of lasagna followed by a beef stew done in a black pepper sauce.

And that was it… like I said – a do nothing day.   The next few days are going to be anything but so I’m glad I got that in and I’m revved up and ready to go tomorrow…

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