Big news!   The countdown clock has started again!

It’s been 6 months since my last adventure.   I came back from Europe back in May – a full 4 months earlier than planned.   At the time I had hit the wall and just didn’t want to travel anymore.   Basically, I was ready to come home and reintegrate myself into the “real life”.

So I reintegrated… Got a new place to live, moved (almost) everything I had stored at my moms’ place, got back behind the wheel of my car and went back to work at the job I love.

As the days back turned into weeks and then into months, my memories of my momentous trip began to fade.   It’s amazing how quickly “real life” takes over.

Anyway, by the end of the summer I was getting the travel bug again.   Thoughts turned to where to go on my next adventure…

Both my friends Sogol and Kylee were planning trips down to South East Asia.   One was leaving this fall and the other in the springtime.   With so much talk about it, I decided I would finally take a look at it myself.

So I typed into the almighty Google toolbar: “How much does it cost to travel South East Asia?”

After finding out that it was ridiculously cheap, the wheels were in motion for the planning of Asia Trip 2014.

I announced to the world (ie. Facebook) that I was, indeed, going to South East Asia in the new year…

But first – a detour brought to you by Facebook and Cards against Humanity…

So, I’m planning away and my friend Dorianne comments on my Facebook thread: “Can I come too?!?!”   Chalking it up to a playful post, I tell her of course she can come.

In the coming days my friend Shawn was hosting a games night playing the game Cards against Humanity.   I, of course, turned to Facebook (of course, addicted…) and asked if anyone wanted to come.

Dorianne’s response:   “If only you lived closer!!!”

Oh, did I mention that while I live here in Vancouver, Dorianne lives in the Chicago area?

Anyway, when I jokingly replied “tell ya what… I’ll bring the game with me to South East Asia and then all you have to do is book a flight” things took an interesting turn…

It started a good 4 hour Facebook conversation and when it was all said and done… I’m joining her on her trip around Iceland during the last two weeks of November.

Yes, I’m still going to South East Asia in the new year – but first, a little detour to Iceland for a couple of weeks!

Introducing Icy Trip 2013…

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