So, after I mentioned yesterday that I was going to Iceland with my friend Dorianne I got some raised eyebrows.


Who is this Dorianne?!?   Why haven’t I met her?   Are you guys a couple?   Is this serious?

Aye yie yie!

Okay, let me rewind a bit…

I met Dorianne while I was travelling in France earlier this year.   We were both staying at a hostel in Nice.

The funny thing is that I was spending so much time with the Manchester girls and Chau that the only time Dorianne and I hung out was when a group of us went on a pub crawl one night and then spent the following night in playing cards.

So, honestly, I didn’t get to know her too well.   I do remember thinking that it was a shame that our paths didn’t cross earlier and more often.

So, we did what everybody does now… we became Facebook friends.

Oh, so you guys chatted incessantly and developed this great long distance relationship?

Ah, well… no.

We did what most Facebook friends do – we would like each others’ posts and throw in a comment here and there.   In fact, if I think back, our only real “conversation” was during the 2013 NHL playoffs where we razzed each other about our respective hockey teams.

She’s from Chicago.   I’m from Vancouver.   Our hockey teams hate each other.   My team got bounced from the playoffs (again).   Hers won the Stanley cup.   Sigh.

So that’s who Dorianne is – a girl I kinda know who I’ve kinda, sorta “talked” to but not really.   Can’t think of a better travel partner!   Should be exciting – let’s just hope the subject of hockey doesn’t come up…

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