Well, as I mentioned in my previous post – I did a little clothes shopping recently.

Now, me being a typical guy, I don’t really go clothes shopping that often.  I’ve also grown to be very adverse to spending any kind of prolonged time in a mall.

Well, I bit the bullet this week and headed out to a couple of malls to shop for clothes.

I headed out with a very specific mindset about what I wanted to take with me on this trip.

First of all, when I travel I try not to take too many clothes as there’s very limited room in my backpack.  For that reason I needed clothes that mix and matched well together.

I also needed comfortable clothes and shirts and tops that could layer if it was cold.

For me, the colors brown and blue were the colors I was after as not only do they match up well together but it just so happens the one and only pair of shoes I’m taking with me on my trip are a pair of casual blue shoes with brown trim.

Shirts are simple and I found the different shades of blue and brown pretty easily.

I also picked up a couple of pullovers – one white with blue stripes and another brown.  I’ll be taking those along with the blue/dark blue striped hoodie I had with me in Iceland.

Now the pants… well, that’s another story…

Finding the right pair was hard!

I needed pants that were comfortable to walk around in all day but also “classy” enough to wear for a night out.  Oh yeah, and they have to travel nicely (ie. they don’t crease!)

I tried on so many different pants and actually bought and then consequently returned a few because I had found better at the next store.

And then I walked into the Gap…


The best way to describe them would be that they’re jeans but not jeans.

They certainly are comfortable and wear like jeans but they look like dressy slacks.

I bought two pairs – one chocolate brown and the other navy blue.

They were kinda pricey at $70 a pair but, hey, after all the searching I’m not letting a little thing like money get in between me and the perfect travel pants!

Anyway, here’s my complete clothing pack list for USSR Trip 2015…

  • 2 pairs of casual pants (chocolate brown, navy blue)
  • 3 pullovers (white and blue striped, brown, blue/dark blue hoodie)
  • 7 shirts (different blues and brown)
  • 7 pairs of the best travel underwear out there
  • 7 pairs of socks
  • 1 pair of shoes (blue with brown trim)
  • 1 winter jacket

And that’s it!   Soon, I’ll be stylish in eastern Europe!

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