Feb 11, 2014

Well, unlike yesterday and the day before when I was doing a bunch of great activities, today was one of those travel days.

Just one of those necessary evils as alot of times it takes a good 6 hours plus to get to your next location.

Take today for example.   This was how I got from Boracay to Angeles:   trike, boat, van, plane, taxi, bus, trike.

I’ve gotten really good at travel days as I just accept them for what they are and try not to plan anything during those days.   It actually gives me some time off from the go, go, go mentality of travelling that isn’t always the best thing when you’re out here for a prolonged time.

So, anyway, the day started bright and early at 6:30am even though my flight to Manila wasn’t until almost 1pm.

Thing is though, my flight was out of Kalibo which is a 30 minute trike ride, a 15 minute boat ride and a 2 1/2 hour bus ride away.

Add an hour to get ready and a 2 hour checkin before the flight and I had to give myself a full 5 hours before the flight.

The funny thing is the flight itself was only 45 minutes but now you get an idea of why travel days are so damn long sometimes.

However, today, something awesome happened – I gained an hour!   Everything took a little less time to get to the airport and I ended up there a good hour earlier than I had planned.

I was resigned to having to camp out there for 3 hours instead of the already long two when, without prompting, a security guard got me changed onto a flight leaving a full hour and a bit earlier than my original flight.


Because of that I ended up arriving in Angeles at 3pm instead of 4:30pm.

Of course grey skies that soon turned to a crazy rainstorm awaited me but I didn’t care.   I felt like I was home!

And it sure was nice knowing I’d be able to relax and do nothing for a couple of days before heading onto my next leg of the trip to Vietnam.

I caught up with my friend Wayne for a bit and then later in the night went bar hopping with him.

At one of the bars I met Frincess, a German/Filipino.   Cute girl.   We hung out pretty much the whole night and that’s all I’ve got to say about that…

Other than that, not a bunch of stuff going on today – like I said, it was a travel/relax day.

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