Alright… time for another trip!

The winter Olympics are coming up in South Korea this coming February and I thought, hmmmm…. Korea, eh?

Of course, you’d have to be mad crazy to go to South Korea during the Olympics.   I mean, not a lot of budget traveling going on when all the prices are jacked up…

So, I’m going to North Korea instead!

I know, I know.   Alot of you will think I’m actually mad crazy for going there but it’s been a destination on my wish list for awhile now and it was never a matter of “if” I went there but a matter of “when”.

Well, that time has come.

In just 39 days I’ll be embarking on this trip of a lifetime!

Unlike previous trips, this trip will be relatively short at just 3 weeks.   Along with my time in North Korea I’ll also be visiting a couple different cities in China and also Hong Kong.

Let the countdown begin!

39 days to go…

DPRK 2018
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