Let the weekend of nothingness continue!

I’m back home in just 3 days and I’m just kinda limping through the last few days of this trip.

It’s been a long trip and I’m more than ready to come home.

I spent the day doing nothing really.

I walked around the town for a little and for dinner I actually shopped at the local Coop supermarket and made myself a steak dinner with potato salad and veggies.

When it came to bedtime I made a couple of adjustments to my bed.

The beds here squeak pretty loud when you move in them and with my sore leg I find myself tossing and turning quite a bit in bed.

So, I pulled the mattress, pillows and blanket off the bed frame and laid it out on the floor in the middle of the room.

Problem solved!

Tomorrow I head to a hotel in Aberdeen for one night.

A room all to myself!

Can’t wait!

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