I woke up this morning with plenty of time to catch my late morning bus to Aberdeen.

I had booked the bus online a few weeks ago for only £1 which is ridiculously cheap for a four hour bus ride.

Of course with this trip being what it is, I managed to mess it up and misread what time the bus was at and ended up getting to the bus station after the bus had already departed.

Not a huge deal as the bus runs every hour but my nice little £1 bus fare was gone and I had to purchase a ticket for £12.90 instead.

Sigh, throwing away more money…

Honestly, I’m afraid to look back at this trip and figure out how much money I just plain threw away because of bad decisions or bad planning.

Anyway, I got into Aberdeen in the late afternoon and headed straight to the hotel.

Yup, you read that right – hotel.

Well, pseudo hotel as it was a bed and breakfast but, still, I got my own room so it counts!

Aberdeen didn’t really have any good hostels to stay at so I splurged for a £40 ($55) room for my one night here.

A hotel room all to myself…

Naturally I spent the afternoon and evening sprawled out in my queen sized bed watching videos.

As the evening came and I got hungry I went into town to explore for somewhere to eat.

Ah, Sunday nights – never a good time to look for restaurants in small towns.

Most everything was closed and my sore leg just wanted to find the next thing I could so I went inside a mall and found a bunch of eateries.

What classic Scottish meal did I have?

Why, sushi, of course!

I got the sushi to go and headed back to the hotel where I spent the rest of the night bundled up in bed.

Yup, trip’s almost over… only a couple more days to go!

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