After a series of emails back and forth with Dorianne planning our upcoming trip to Iceland, she ended her last email with this:

“Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can make it to each of these places!”

Hmmm… I hadn’t actually given that any thought.

For our trip Dorianne has rented a 4×4 to self-drive around the Ring Road in Iceland.   The Ring Road is a major circular highway that spans about 900 miles around the country going through all the major cities and attractions.   We’ll start in Reykjavik and then spend the next two weeks driving clockwise around the country until we end up back there to fly home.

So, because we’ll be on the major highway most of the time and we’ll be in a 4×4, I hadn’t given any thought about how the winter weather would affect us.

That is, until she made that comment…

I decided to look it up and I turned to my old friend Google and typed:   driving winter roads in Iceland.

Along with Tips for driving Iceland’s Ring Road in winter and Iceland winter self drive there was Winter driving and how I almost lost my life.

Um, I think I’ll just ignore that last one for now…

All of the tips are pretty straight forward:   bring a map, use good tires, fill up at gas stations, maximize daylight hours, bring snacks and watch out for reindeer.

Wait… watch out for reindeer?!?

Luckily, Dorianne is a vegan so the reindeer should in return be nice and not jump out in front of our car…

Oh my God… I’m gonna see reindeer!!!   Surely Santa can’t be far behind!

We will do our utmost best to make sure that we, along with all the reindeer, make it though Iceland in one piece…

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  • Dorianne's Mom says:

    Good to see you and your sense of humor back in the blogosphere.
    Also glad to know if anything does happen to fair Dorianne, there's a good chance there will be someone around to explain to me what went wrong.
    Doesn't winter start on Dec 21st? Did you google Autumn Driving in Iceland?
    Keeping fingers crossed you two get great weather.

    • Todd says:

      lol, well I think with Iceland there's only two seasons: summer and winter. Winter goes from September til March 🙂

  • Jennifer Dombrowski says:

    Thanks for linking to us and glad to hear you found the article helpful!

  • Dorianne says:

    Really wish I hadn't read that last link…

  • Todd says:

    Ignorance is bliss 😀

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