Well, I really thought my next blog would be about my first day in Iceland but, alas, I had a little adventure of it’s own on my way there.

First, let’s start with the cabbie – yeah, I know I said how much I hated taking cabs yesterday but I gave in again today.   I really was going to walk to the light rail station to take the 30 minute metro ride to the airport.   The walk would have been only 10 minutes but it was raining and I just didn’t feel like lugging this backpack over to the station.

Anyway, I had the hostel call me a cab and a few minutes later it arrived.   When I told him I was only taking a short trip to the metro rail station to the airport he immediately offered to take me to the airport – special price.   His special price – $30.   Well, thanks but no thanks.   The metro is only $2.75 and I certainly wasn’t in any hurry as I was slated to be at the airport at 12:30 for my 3:30 flight.

After a couple more attempts to persuade me he finally gave up and dropped me off at the station.

The light rail here in Seattle is actually pretty sweet – most of it runs underground and when it’s above ground there are railway crossings where cars stop to let the train go by.

After about a half hour the rail arrived at the airport and after a good little walk past a vast parkade I finally entered the airport.

Now to find the desk for Icelandair… well, that was another good little walk – in fact, it was at the very end of all the airline desks.

This… backpack… is… killing… me!

A quick checkin and I had to now retrace my footsteps all the way back to the security area.   At least I had dropped off my huge pack and only had my carryon now.

Laptop out,…

Camera, change, phone out…

Jacket off…

Belt off..

Shoes off…

My xray is fine but the TSA agent found something in my carryon that made her want to do a closer inspection.

My big box of hotshots hand warmers kinda looks suspicious – go figure.

Normally I would totally put something like that in my checked in bag but there simply wasn’t any room so I’ve been lugging it around in my carryon.

So she opened my bag and then the box and re-xrayed everything again.   After a bit I was ok’d through but it was kind of humourous.

I started walking towards my gate and after a bit I realized I hadn’t picked up my necklace out of the TSA bin so I walked back and luckily they had it in the lost and found office.

Geez…. too much walking!

Of course my gate was waaaaaaaaaaaaay on the other end of the airport.   It was so far away that I actually had to take the internal metro to get there.   Yes, Seatac airport has a metro inside of it just to get to the gates.

Anyway, that was my little Seatac adventure.

Flight takes off in an hour!

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