Ok, let’s be honest… we all knew I was gonna use that title for one of my blogs here in Seattle…

I was just hoping it wouldn’t be so damn literal!

I’ve been fighting a cold the last week or so drowning myself in a heavenly mix of Buckley’s, Nyquil and Vics.   Thanks to 3 days off where I literally did nothing before my trip I’m almost completely recovered.


Except for the nagging cough I get when I lay down to sleep.   Last night was particularly rough as I just could not get to sleep.   I felt so bad for my 3 roommates.   I tried my best to stifle the coughs but it was to no avail.   Damn Canadian coughing every 5 minutes.   Thankfully none of them lashed out at me and by the time I woke up this morning they were all gone so I didn’t have to face them.

Anyway, now that I’m washed up and ready for the day – no coughing.   My flight checkin is just 2 hours away and I’ve got Dayquil and Vics in my carryon.

Let’s get this trip going!

12 hours til I land in Iceland!

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